I have to ask Nichael to help us.

We don't work for them anymore.

Tuan is always friendly to me.

Harvey broke Elvis's clarinet reed.


That's how I got to know her.

The prisoner was set at liberty yesterday.

Vernon is a fool, if you ask me.

It was cloudy all day long today.

I know you won't do it.


She came down with a cold.

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Do we have to watch this?

We can't really discuss that.

Would you like to go to a soccer game?

Terri doesn't understand we're all just God in disguise.

We knew that in advance.

It's hard to understand the Osaka dialect.

He knows how to revise his lessons.

Would you two knock it off with the loud noise? I'm trying to sleep.

Camels can travel over hundreds of kilometers during several days without drinking a drop of water.


I've decided to go back to school.

I remember now.

This is a superb idea.

Pardon, I am late to the meeting.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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When the sun of culture hangs low, even dwarfs will cast long shadows.


Albert didn't get paid for the work he did.

Don't hesitate to ask for advice.

I'm meeting Evelyn at the station at 2:30.

Hubert started to say something, and then changed his mind.

Does your mother know?

I have some good news for you.

Jeannette hasn't been around lately.


Benjamin slammed on his brakes.


Elaine is starved.


He lives some where about the park.


It was Emily who taught me how to do this.

The paint hasn't dried yet.

Sandra doesn't want to play tennis on Sunday.

Mulligan says he'll sleep easy until the fight.

Clean your lips with the napkin.

He decided to become her husband.

It's cloudier today than yesterday.

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His health has enabled him to succeed in life.

I'm the one who caused all the problems.

Barbara clobbered Jagath with a skillet.

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Hsi was honest about the problem.

He is a man of education.

It comes after eating.

"You should apologize to her." "Definitely not!"

I met him outside the greengrocer's.


He promised to come home early tonight.

Have we ever met before?

I love him and I hate him at the same time.


Why aren't you eating?

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She lied to me.

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The last thing I want to do is come between you and Brent.

I kissed her on the forehead.

You think you know more than what I do.


Pamela hardly ever works anymore.

I succeeded through your help.

Sir doesn't watch TV.

You can't tell them not to go.

We enjoy the quiet of the country.

What are the main products of this country?

You can't afford to buy that, can you?

Please take all of your medicine as prescribed.

Hume was really confused.


I'd like to know what you talked about.

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Nelken is quite angry, isn't he?

Suddenly, the dog started barking.

I spent the best times of my life at my grandfather's house.

Does it bother you if I smoke?

That is not your cup.

Not knowing what to say, he remained silent.

Mac told me he was ready.


Jon hid his worries from his wife.


Have you already forgotten me?

I'll blame it all on her.

He extinguished the fire.



I read a womanly expression on her face.

Listen to me with your textbooks closed.

For the other 600 million people, English is either a second language or a foreign language.

In the first place, he's a lazy boy.

I'm extremely frustrated.

He is a very smart boy.

Ric doesn't look like me.

Varda got here before I did.

I want to go to Boston at least one more time before I die.

His stupidity was unavoidable.


I think that Anita and I overdid it a little last night.

Damone has agreed to give a speech.

Frempong Emmanuel Okyere has been made president of the Kwahuman Scholars Association.

You should be out of here by tomorrow.

I'll work for you as long as you keep paying me this well.


Jean-Pierre often eats in bed.


They weren't there.


He's the one, isn't he?

Dresses are on sale on the top floor.

I'm disappointed.

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They tried to prevent the news from leaking out.

He loves me and I love him too.

The mystery surrounding his death was played up by the media.

I was a fool to believe every word you said.

He's in big trouble.

It's the first sunny day in a long time, so the clothes should dry in no time.

I don't know anything about programming.

Her house is in the neighborhood of mine.

Who wrote Romeo and Juliet?


Jos washes his hands all the time.

I have a poor appetite these days.

Can't think of an answer?

Shamim climbed onto the roof.

He was a millionaire not long ago.

Ichiro puts friendship above profit.

You'll do great.

We had better begin to prepare for the test.

We have offered help.

I'd like to dedicate this song to Ron.

I'm just trying to get you do what you said you'd do.

A dog is sleeping on the porch.

Can you recommend any other hotels?


Please give me a magazine.


Have a safe trip.


I don't feel like helping you.

If you want to stay a member of this club, you have to fish or cut bait.

What is your greatest source of inspiration?

I turned the TV off.

No matter what you say, he still won't do it.

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Do you know the Wikipedia website?


I was just remembering.

I think you're missing the point.

Get off my lawn!

Fill this bottle with water.

He is suffering from a bad cold in the nose.

He escaped from prison.

It's difficult to translate quotes.

I never said I wasn't happy.

Sylvan asked a few pertinent questions.

I tried to get it, but in vain.

It has to be a four-star hotel, and central.

"Kay knows." "He does? Did you tell him?"

Pravin glanced left and right.

Can you tell us about it?

On hearing the bad news, she burst into tears.

Boyd told Heather to talk to John.

Where do you think we should pitch our tent?

I used to play guitar in a club.

They were wrong.

I shivered with cold when I went outside.

You're dismissed.

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Does she eat the apple?

I'd like to meet Edwin if I could.

Toerless is very excited to meet you.

It was raining when I got on the bus this morning.

She complied with my request.

"How come you know Upper and Lower Sorbian anyway?" "I've been learning both languages for the past several years."

I could still change my mind.

Beth didn't have anything to say.

These shoes are big enough for me.

We could ask them not to go.

You should feel bad for Sandip.

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You'll miss us.